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My name is Patrick Allmond. I'm a long-time entrepreneurs who loves to fly planes, enjoy what life offers and share that with other ambitious people in my tribe. You are now in my world of 💥 StopDoingNothing 💥 . This is where I document the journey of my disciplines, successes and failures. I've run a few different businesses and currently train people on better marketing and better living.

So where do you start?

  1. YouTube 🎥 is our first love here. Whether it's one hour of one of our episode or one minute of one of our shorts/reels you'll get a nugget of knowledge than you use to help improve your today or your tomorrow. I've probably uploaded a new video in the past 24 hours for you.

  1. There is also the podcast if that is more your style.

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And lastly - if your seeking a more rewarding life and just can't find what you need on this site , text our office at +1-405-217-4752. I or someone else will get back to you live with an article, show or link that will help you.

See you on the socials or at an event. Or even possibly on Zoom💪.

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"Action is the great thing that separates the average from the great. DECIDE TODAY which one you want to be."

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